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The story about the Drullian war against Skynet Titan continues. Here's a little summary of what happened so far: In the first part of Battle Isle you were recruited by the Drullian army to lead their forces against the raging supercomputer Skynet Titan. Thanks to your great leadership, the Drulls were able to prevail against the machine, but the war was not over yet. Skynet's desert fortress was still a big threat, and so you led your troops into the first expansion and then besieged his last outposts. Along with the victory over the last headquarters came the horrific realisation that Skynet Titan's core unit couldn't be found. The Drulls noticed too late that Skynet had retreated to gigantic fortifications built on the moon of Chromos. Now it is your mission to lead a small task-force to the cragged surface of the moon to fight your nemesis. But be careful - this time that nemesis is better prepared.

If you are familiar with Battle Isle, you will instantly feel comfortable with The Moon of Chromos. The interface remains the same, with all its advantages and disadvantages. The screen is divided into two parts. One half is your battle interface while the other shows the actions of your opponent, which may be the computer or a friend in a hot-seat game. This is one of the strengths of the battle system unique to the Battle Isle series: While you move your units your opponent can attack with his. Once both have completed their actions, the mode will change and you can attack with your units while your opponent moves. This way, there won't be any traditional waiting times that are common in other turn-based strategy games.

As mentioned before, the gameplay hasn't changed, but everything else has. The rich greens and colourful browns of the forests and deserts have been replaced with the unfriendly grey of the cratered surface and a demonic red of the many lava streams. The gigantic infrastructure of Skynet Titan makes this odd place look even more dangerous.

Now that you are fighting on enemy territory, conventional methods would be useless. For this mission you have been equipped with a brand new set of units. Many of them will seem similar to the old ones, but nearly every unit has had some modifications for fighting in the void. The ranger unit, for example, which was able to attack enemies within a range of two squares is now able to shoot even at a range of three. On the downside, the new Ranger is defenceless against units within a range of one. There are also some completely new units like the light artillery and the unbelievable command tank, which uses two(!) fields. Base fortifications and gun towers are also new.

The Moon of Chromos is the second add-on to the famous Battle Isle, and like the first one, it does not need the original game. While the desert conflict is not much more than a level upgrade, Data Disk II really deserves to be treated as a game of its own. That's the reason why it is also referred to as Battle Isle 93. Anyone who liked the original will not be disappointed with this game. Thanks to the new units, the very good maps and the fun multiplayer mode it should keep you busy for quite some time. Have fun!

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