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Commonly considered the earliest progenitor of first-person shooters (FPS), Battlezone is a 3D tank game initially released in the arcades, and later converted officially to many systems. Earth has been invaded, and you and your tank lead the defensive effort. You drive around the battlefield from a first-person view, targeting and firing at tanks, planes and UFOs. You have a radar to help you see where the enemies are in direction and distance. Objects can be used as strategic cover. Controls simulate the tracks of a tank realistically, so the direction and speed settings are varied - combining forward right and backward left movements (as you can on keyboard versions) sees you change direction more quickly.

One of the earliest pioneers in computer gaming history, Battlezone is a solid PC port of one of the most celebrated games of all time. Battlezone is arguably the very first FPS (first-person shooter) game ever made, with revolutionary vector graphics that remains highly playable over a decade later.

Your objective in the game is simple: kill all enemy tanks in sight. You view the battle from a first-person perspective inside a tank. Battles are fought within a large valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. There are "pyramids" and "boxes" that can provide shelter. The Enemies include slow and fast "super" tanks and intelligent missiles. Flying saucers that do not attack periodically appear - shooting them down provides bonus points.

One of the best things about Battlezone is how incredibly immerse it is. Two elements that heighten the realism includes the radar screen at the top that displays enemy positions, as well as the frontal plastic viewfinder that helps you target enemy tanks. The playing field is large and seemingly endless, although I seem to be unable to reach the mountain range on the horizon, unlike the arcade version.

Battlezone is one of those rare gems that don't get old no matter how many years have passed. The game's vector-based graphics is smooth and has a feel of a "virtual reality" battlefield, so the suspension of disbelief remains intact. If you enjoy arcade games that are both challenging and timeless, Battlezone is a must-play. Activision also did 2 remakes called Battlezone and Battlezone 2, so check those out too if you enjoy this perfect game.

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