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In the far future, humans no longer needed war. So when an alien threat approaches Earth, a test must be created for the prospective commanders... A timegate has been created into 4 past periods, where you must test your strategic skills, and when you pass all four tests, take your forces against the alien threat... The four periods are 2025, WW2, Roman Empire, and prehistoric. The turn-based movements are hex-based. You move the unit stacks. When two opposing stacks meet, you drop into tactical combat mode, where the individual units in the stack manuever on the smaller tactical map.

This abstract wargame, like The Pure Wargame after it, was obviously "rushed out the door" long before it was ready: the game was full of bugs, uninspiring gameplay, and incomprehensible lack of logistics (a dinosaur unit in the game causes as much damage as a 20th century howitzer!). Which is a shame, because the premise of the game is refreshing for a wargames: as potential leader of the earth's army against the aliens, you are sent back in time to fight famous historical battles to prove your worth. Recommended only for those who want a complete QQP collection :)

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