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Another game about the card game of Bridge. You can play against the computer (the A.I. has some 20 options for bidding conventions and just card play) or against human opponents (there is even a LAN option). Included are some tutorials for beginner and intermediate players; the tutorials are presented by Omar Sharif himself.

Bridge Deluxe II with Omar Sharif is a superb update of Oxford Softworks' 1991 Omar Sharif on Bridge, also published by Interplay. Although the most obvious improvements are cosmetics - better graphics and lots of multimedia video starring Omar Sharif - Bridge Deluxe II also features much-improved AI and numerous new options.

The game contains a wide range of options that allow both beginners and experts to enjoy a game of bridge. You can use over 20 playing options including the Stayman Convention, Take-out Doubles, and Jacoby Transfers. You can also choose to practice different strategies such as forced slam bids, and use the take-back and review options to analyze your game. In addition to full-motion video clips (including an extensive tutorial) starring Omar Sharif, the game has one of the best on-line reference materials on bridge I have ever seen. You can browse an extensive guide to bidding and strategies, a how-to guide for scoring rubbers, and even a comprehensive glossary.

With excellent AI that offers a challenge to users of all skill levels, top-notch on-line help, and many more options than other bridge programs, Bridge Deluxe II is a must-have if you enjoy the card game. You can even play with up to 3 other players in hot-seat or LAN mode, although the latter requires MS-based network and is not easy to set up.

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