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Call to Arms is a militaristic turn based strategy game with a gameplay similar to that of board games. You simply control your army by moving your forces from region to region, engaging the enemy units at the destination. The objective is to occupy all the regions of the map.

There are two scenarios (maps) available in the game: Europe 1942 and Scotland 1750. There can be from 2 to 4 factions in a game, each one controlled either by a human player or the CPU. Every faction must fight against all others, to the bitter end.

One of the first abstract wargames ever made, Call to Arms is unfortunately not among the best, although it is by no means a bad game. There are only 2 maps to choose from: Europe in 1942 and Scotland in 1750, but at least you can toggle various options to make the game more replayable, such as random assignment of countries and the number of initial force in each.

Gameplay in Call to Arms is perhaps best described as a "numbers" wargame: orders are limited to reinforce, attack, and pull, plus choosing the number of units to carry out each of these orders. After you finish your turn, the computer than makes moves and calculates combat losses and wins, updating the number of units in each territory for the next round. When one player captures all the territories on the map, the game ends.

In the end, Call to Arms' limited gameplay is both a boon and a bane to wargamers, depending on what kind of game you want. If you prefer complex wargames with a lot of statistics and realistic features, this isn't a game for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy Risk or even chess, give Call to Arms a try. It's a solid beer-and-pretzel board wargame for the computer that's worth a look.

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