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Cohort is a real-time war game of tactical battles between Roman legions. Battles are fought on one of three different terrain maps with armies of selectable size and content. Units available include foot soldiers, archers, and cavalry. Game play can be paused to give orders, and generals may rally troops.

In veteran wargamer M. Evan Brooks' words, "a clumsy interface coupled with mediocre graphics shows why British products are generally not ready for the American market." Still, Cohort is one of the first detailed game of Roman military tactics, and as the fourth offering from Impressions in the "Micro Miniatures" series, it benefits from sharper graphics and improved AI. Unit formations and commands are also given a big overhaul from previous titles. Perhaps realizing that the ancient Roman setting is something worth exploring further, Impressions later released Cohort II, a much superior product that superseded this title.

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