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Endorsed by one of the world's most famous players, Ed Kantar's Bridge Companion is one of the few bridge games that focus on teaching the basic rules, similar to Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess for chess.

The game incorporates three popular European bidding systems, Goren, 4-card majors, and 5-card majors. The highlight of the game is the many excellent card-playing tutorials that teach you the basics as you play the game. Unfortunately, there are some bugs in the game engine that cripple the computer player's ability to challenge intermediate or advanced players. Once you get beyond the basics, you are pretty much on your own: Ed Kantar doesn't offer any lessons on advanced bidding. If you are new to the game, Ed Kantar is a good game to start with. Intermediate and advanced players should look for something more challenging, such as EA's Grand Slam Bridge II.

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