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Originally released in 1993, this historical combat simulation deals with the wars of Napoleon after his return from exile in Elba in 1815.

The game is close to historical facts and therefore can be recommended to provide good information about this period of European history.

This has to be one of the most detailed historical strategy games ever made. It is based on the historical battles fought by Napoleon Bonaparte and his armies, including the famous battle of Waterloo. Some of you might think you know all there is to know about these battles, but you will soon learn you only know the tip of the iceberg. The game supplies you with extensive information about each type of unit, formation and weapon, and a background for every person in charge, detailing their name, family ties, rank, age, experience and more. The historical aspect of the game is truly magnificent. This game alone serves you enough material to complete a doctorate on Napoleon and his warfare!

Microprose has co-operated with many historians and experts in order to make Fields of Glory as realistic as possible. You can choose to play either Napoleon himself or his opposition. The objective in the game is, of course, to crush your enemies and see them driven off the battlefield, while minimising your own losses. This might seem easy enough, but you will soon learn that it is easier said than done. After the battle is over you see some statistics and receive your score.

You have three types of units; Artillery (cannons), Cavalry (horsemen) and Infantry (soldiers). Some of you might be familiar with these types of units from such games as Civilization and others in the genre, and therefore know that the difference between defeat and victory is to use the correct unit against the enemy (for instance, cavalry excel against infantry).

There are numerous formations in the game, and a cavalry charge can easily be defeated by use of the correct formation, so don't take anything for granted.

The game can be compared to a game of chess. For every attack there is a counter-attack. For every piece lost on the battlefield, another gains a superior position. It does not matter how many more units you have than your opponent. If the opposition knows all the capabilities of his units, he will win.

I must also say that strategy games are not my cup of tea, but I think those who like the genre will not be disappointed by this game.

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