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Fireteam 2200 is a tactical wargame set in the 23rd century. You take the role of the leader of a taskforce (or "Fireteam") tasked with undergoing a series of missions.

As with most war games you get to assemble your crew and select your scenario, while the action itself takes place in a top-down map from which you view your deployed units and issue orders such as movement commands, weapon assignations and, of course, who to fire at. You can build a squadron of up to 16 units starting with a base budget that allows you to choose from 30 different combat units and 25 different weapon types.

Features modem head-to-head multiplayer gameplay for up to two players across platforms (meaning an Amiga player can show a DOS player how it's done).

Fireteam 2200 is a detailed and complex wargame about tactical ground combat in the 23rd century. The usual trappings of a galactic conquest game are here: many star systems to explore and conquer, R&D capabilities, and a serviceable economic model. However, the keyboard-only interface is very cumbersome, and the replay value is minimal due to the lack of a scenario builder. Overall, a commendable attempt to dethrone SSG's Reach for The Stars, but one that falls flat on its face due to poor interface and a too ambitious level of complexity that wasn't matched by competent AI. Anyone looking for a complex 4X galactic conquest game should try Star Legions or SSG's classic instead.

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