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Yet another original solitaire game from Robert Roberds and BSX International, Gridly is a unique game that requires much more strategy than luck - a refreshing change from the majority of traditional solitaire variants. From the official blurb, your goal is to: " the cards in the grid, trying to get the best poker hands along the rows and diagonals. But beware! You can only place cards in certain spots. Going for that straight flush may well blow yer chance for that full house in the row above!"

The game also warns that "...this is NOT yer standard 5x5 Poker Solitaire," and for once it is right on the mark. Your goal in the game is to score as high as possible by arranging cards in poker hands, but several rules make it harder than it sounds. For example, aces can count either as high (ace) or low (one), and cards cannot overlap each other. Only poker hands across the rows and diagonals are scored; diagonal hands have a score multiplier of 3, thus compensating for the fact that they are more difficult to arrange. The mouse-driven interface is easy to use, the graphics is more than adequate, and the challenge will appeal to all solitaire fans who are bored with card games that depend only on luck. Unique, fun, and strategic, Gridly comes highly recommended. Like other BSX games I reviewed, this is actually marketed as "shareware" but since the registered version is identical to the shareware one (except for the absence of "nag screen"), I have labelled it abandonware here.


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