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In Heart of Africa, a third-person adventure in the tradition of The Seven Cities of Gold, a lone adventurer obtains the memoirs of a madman who vanishes while searching for an ancient tomb that holds the remains of a pharaoh. In order to find the hidden treasure, you must travel to various locations, obtain clues and follow the madman's trail. Locations include the Nile River, Sahara Desert, Lake Victoria and more than 30 cities and settlements containing stores and residents. Residents offer clues as to where you should be and comment on certain items and the pharaoh's remains and some provide information on the location of the lost tomb.

A wealth of information is stored on the screen via text and icons, including a compass used to explore the area. Available data includes how much cash you have, items in your inventory and how much food, in terms of weeks, remains. Food and items can be replenished in stores located in each town and in order to converse with some of the natives, you must give them an item or gift.

Hazards abound in Africa and death comes in many forms including rhinos that steam roll you, animal traps, drowning in rivers and falling off cliffs. Whenever the adventurer suffers a brutal demise, a record of the death is written in his memoirs and important conversations are also scrawled in the journal. Heart of Africa also features auto-mapping of various caves and wilderness areas. Uncover the dark secrets of the lost tomb...just don't vanish like the unknown madman.

From Brian Moriarty's tribute to Dani Bunten: "Ozark wanted to follow up Seven Cities [of Gold] with a computerized edition of one of the classic Avalon Hill board games, but Electronic Arts had other ideas. Some executive arm-twisting and a substantial cash bribe resulted in a sequel, Heart of Africa for the Commodore 64, which continued the formula of action and strategy, exploration and history. It achieved less than half the sales of its predecessor."


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