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Holiday Island is in the style of Sim City, but instead of building a town you have to fill up some Carribean Isles to create the ideal holiday location. There are more than 60 different buildings to choose from - hotels, bars, car rentals, sport facilities, parks, discos and many more. You are facing several rivals, and can play dirty tricks on them to inhibit their progressYou can start an endless game or play one of the 6 scenarios, each with a different goal. The backing MIDI music is Carribean-themed - Reggae and samba.

Prepare yourself for a trip to a beautiful tropical island. But you're not here to enjoy swimming, to bask or watch pretty girls in bikini, your job is to make this little island everyone's paradise.

There is no "campaign" in this game, you can play several scenarios (with not so interesting content) or start endless game (well, it has an end, it's when you win or lose :P). There are a lot of varieties you can choose like difficulty, island shape, number of opponents to play against and some more.

When you start there are empty island(s), look around and pick a spot to start building. Anyone who played any title from SimCity series will have no trouble in finding a way around. There are two groups of icons, "building icons" and "other icons". 12 different building icons are divided by their intent, so you have Houses, Sports, Shops, Energy and other. Each of these groups has several buildings in it which give a number of about 60 buildings in total. Every building has it's expensive and profits, by color of the line that is around buildings you can see which buildings are profitable(green) and which are not(red).

Non-building icons are very interesting, there is Finances, News and Sabotage icons. In Finances you can borrow money (which you should pay back as soon as possible), advertise your business, see various graphs about your standing & progress through the game. News gives you information about events that will effect further playing, you can also buy special buildings that are on auction here. Sabotage lists many creative ways to interfere in opponent's business, bribe builders to slow down their work, put rats in hotel or throw some piranhas into opponent's pool, the choice is yours.

Graphics are nice, you won't be disappointed or astonished. Sounds are ok, apparently every building has its own sound. Music is absolutely fantastic, catchy tunes will stay in your head even after you turn the game off.

This game is sooo addictive, today I said to myself "I gonna play Holiday Island for 20 minutes and then review it." and in the next moment it became dark in my room, then I realized that I've been playing for five hours. And now we came to the one & only flaw of this game. After that several hours of excitement the game just get boring. When you manage to have regular cash flowing in, there is nothing more to do, and the fact that you have almost every building available at the start doesn't make it any better.

If you're looking for a game that will keep you attached to the monitor for several hours and then forget about if for about a year, you have found it.

This is a neat "light" Windows sim that, had it been published by Maxis, would certainly be titled "SimResort" As an Entrepreneur who's just been given the right to develop a virgin island, commercialize it to death with beach resorts, camping grounds, and other structures. This is not SimIsle, so you don't have to worry about damaging the island's ecosystems ;) Great attention to detail-- you can even rent out deck chairs and umbrella. This game is an effort of a few talented designers that should have been spotted by big-name publisher (like SimTower before it).

Ever wanted to create your own holiday island? Well, here is your chance. You can build almost every imaginable thing regarding a holiday island right from small benches to large buildings. You even have to put different security things to provide safety for your future visitors.

The graphics are indeed good with nice matching sound. The interface is smooth and Holiday Island is very easy to control. All though the game is rather tough because you will lose your money rather fast, but still much fun to play and really worth a download.

Build up just it - a Holiday Island. Kind of SimCity-Style Gameplay, but it's far less serious. It's just fun and you need some management skills to run your paradise for the modern tourist... The variety of things you can do is, well - nearly infinitive! You can sabotage your opponents, run advertisment-campaigns and build up anything between a mere Hot Dog or Newspaper Stand to something like a Power Plant or a Garbage Dump. I got a request on adding more DinoPark-Style Games on my old site - well, this was the answer! Personally I prefer Holiday Island, I'd like to call it SimCity for a surfer's nature... ;)

Strange enough that I've never seen this sold alone in the shops but only as part of a collection every once in a while. I've heard some rumors about the game only being released in some countries (heard of the netherlands).

A great simcity look-a-like. The difference with this game and simcity is that this is about building the best holiday island. Insert facilities on you island and small houses, hotels and more. You can also build vehicle rent shops and more entertaining facilities like tennis courts and more. One of my favourite sims. The main idea is that you eventually have a big island with all kinds of holiday facilities and lots of visitors. Make your island(s) the best and you make loads of money to improve it. A bit difficult and it needs lots of training, but one of the best games I've ever seen. Graphics are great, sounds are ok, gameplay is good and the addictivity level was enormous in my opinion.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (272 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (294 MB).


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