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Incredible and Fascination from ComSpec are fun and quite original solitaire games, although they don't have much replay value beyond the first few games. The object of the games are similar: in Incredible, you must remove the 22 displayed cards as quickly as possible, using 2, or 3 cards to do so by adding the card values of all cards that were highlighted. The cards will only be removed from the screen display, if the sum of all cards equals 11. You will be awarded points for each unused card that is remaining in the deck (face down) and for all 11's that you were able to create. You will need to take both of these items into consideration while playing the game.

Similarly, the object of Fascination is for you to remove the 22 displayed cards as quickly as possible... by using one, or more cards, that equal 13, or two cards of equal value (referred to as a pair). All 13's and Pairs can be taken from any of the cards that are displayed, including the card that is located to the right of the deck (turned face up). You will be credited with more points from 13's then you will be from pairs.

Fun gameplay, somewhat unique premise, and excellent user interface in both games make them above-average offering that card fans will likely enjoy, although they are unfortunately too limited and short to have any high replayability. Don't come close at all to QQP's classic Solitaire's Journey, but at least they are fun enough to while away a few minutes during your coffee break.


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