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Slave and JubMoo ("catch the pig" in English) are two most popular parlor card games in Thailand. The games are similar in that each player's moves depend on the previous player's move, and both good memory and planning skill is required to win. One reason both games are very popular is the fact that they are wonderful social games - the loser's label of "pig" in JubMoo and "slave" in Slave (and subsequent penalty that apply to future games) provide a great opportunity to poke fun of your friends ;)

Kasamsun Suwannachit coded excellent Windows-based version of both classic parlor games. Both of his games are not only very faithful to the real thing, but also includes help screen in English, colorful graphics, and flawless TCP/IP support to play multiplayer with faraway friends over the Internet. The multiplayer mode even allows you to play through firewalls, and easily chat with other players. Single player support is included, although it must be triggered by an undocumented feature of dragging the cartoon head on the Settings screen to the number "1" box on the board. In single player modes, the computer puts up a decent fight, although it seems a bit too predictable after a while.

With great gameplay, good graphics, and excellent multiplayer support, JubMoo+ and Slave are wonderful games that should help publicize two original and fun card games from my homeland.

Note: Although the Help screen is in English, the games don't include rules of the card games, so make sure you download the manual below.


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