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Learn to Play Bridge is a solid Windows-based tutorial that teaches the basics of bridge to beginners withwell-designed presentations and clear instructions. Although it's not a "game" in a sense that you cannot play bridge against anyone, LTPB often asks you to play a hand during the presentation to test your understanding, and there is a comprehensive quiz about game rules at the end. The program not only teaches basic rules, but also contains numerous advice on tricks, how to optimize your moves, and other playing tips. This means intermediate-level players will also find useful tips in LTPB they can use to improve their game. The program remembers the last page you view before quitting, includes an interactive table of content you can use to jump to any topic of interest, and much more. Overall, LTPB is an excellent -- and free-- bridge tutorial that beginners to the game will find immensely useful, and intermediate players will find more than interesting. Highly recommended!


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