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It is 1939, and you, a newly promoted general with a pitifuly small command, await the final ok to begin the Second World War. Starting in Poland, Panzer General is a turn based military simulation that puts you in control of a core group of units that can, if lead properly, expand into a massive force ready to sweep their way through Eastern Europe. Win enough victories and you may well find yourself on the shores of Britian , or, poised to invade the east coast of America in 1945.

Panzer General is broken down into a series of battles each with time limits and objectives for the player to met. The success or failure of these battles determines not only which battle the player will have to fight next, but also, how many units are available for resupply and reinforcement. Points are given for meeting certain criteria and these can be spent on purchasing new units or reinforcing old ones. In addition, as the game goes on, improved units become available as newer technologies are discovered.

Panzer General is an addicting game and many of the smaller, individual battles, seem almost a complete game in their own, taking several hours to complete. With the AI turned all the way up, it is a difficult game indeed. This is especially true, since, as the Germans you are constantly on the offensive while the allies only have to dig-in and hold you off until the time limit expires.

The time limit is a bit of a detraction, in Panzer General though it is necessary to maintain some semblance of historical accuracy. Sometimes it feels as if it would have been fun to just let players slog it out as long as possible without having to worry about beating the clock.

There are over 350 unit types and 35 battlegrounds in Panzer General. The interface is simple drag and drop and the learning curve is short. Players can choose to be the Axis or the Allies though the full campaign game is only available from the German point of view.

Though mostly true to history, players may find it a bit frustrating as the game often limits the Germans to incredibly small numbers and rarely will you find ourself on equal footing as those you attack. Before invading Poland for the first time it was disturbing to see that, unlike the real-life massive force that rolled into Eastern Europe in the 1930s, the invading army was a tiny, ineffectual force in danger of being stomped out by Polish calvary. Eventually, your force will grow however, gaining experience with every victory, and you will soon have more weapons than you know what to do with.

Panzer General is a highly addictively easy to get into game that is a must-have for any serious war-gammer.

Graphics: Simple maps, that often arent much to look at... Units are well designed but the animations that display battle outcomes s annoying.

Sound: Not much here. Som voice overs with bad accents and some "march" music.

Enjoyment: You will most definately be up late!

Replay Value: On its own you might only play it through once, but as a multi-player there are a bevy of would be generals waiting to challenge via the net. Also scenarios are customizable.

The time for resurrecting historical events has come. Panzer General was one of the first games (if not the first) that actually gave you the ability to play for the Nazis, and yet succeed where Hitler failed. Having total and complete control over land, sea and air units, you must defeat the Allied dogs as fast as you can (to get a major victory), or slower than in history (to get the minor victory).

The game's quality lies in the quantity of units. There are basically hundreds of Axis and Allied units from World War II, accompanied with "circled" animations and battle sounds, as well as marching or moving sounds. The Main menu is always located on the right side of the screen, with plenty of options and selections you can change to suit your preferences.

A turn-based hexagon strategy game that will actually go faster if you have faster computer, but will always be playable (speed doesn't go up infinite). The first and original Panzer General, this installment would be followed by sequels and many other games in the series using the "General" name.

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