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"What's all the ruckus about?" It's about Ruckus Poker! Okay, well maybe not. Ruckus Poker is an interesting little poker game, just for the selection of computer players. It reminds me of Sierra's Hoyle series of card games. From the graphics it looks like this was a predecessor or they just didn't have the same art budget.

The graphics aren't horrid, but they are a bit flat, except for Marna and Luu. The variety of poker games will keep you interested for a while, especially if poker is your thing. The AI seemed reasonable for a card game. Throwing up $100 raises did not force and automatic fold by the computer, which some cheesy poker games call AI.

The one interesting feature is that each of the two characters opposite of you will display an occasional "thought balloon" with some type of message, ranging from cute to corny.

Ruckus Poker may not be worth making a big fuss over, but it is a solid card game that you can play when the guys are out of town, or you don't have the cash to play real folks!

Ruckus Poker and Ruckus Roulette are two of the best entries in Villa Crespo's long line of casino games that found their heyday in early 1990s. Marketed as full-price commercial titles rather than as releases in their "coffee break" budget games series, both Ruckus games are well worth the price tag. Both games support up to 4 players in turn-based gameplay, decent graphics, and best of all - a plethora of options that gambling fans will be delighted with, including variants, comprehensive rules, and scoring options. If you enjoy poker or roulette, these games are some of the best games of their kind you can find. Recommended.


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