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The major battle in Western Theater of American Civil War fought on April 6-7, 1862 near church Shiloh in Tennessee was the bloodiest battle between Union and Confederate forces. Historically Union forces lead by Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant won in the battle and finished Confederate's hopes to block the Union invasion of northern Mississippi.

The game is played as Confederates, as Unions, both sides, or having the computer choose. Two scenarios are available: the Campaign Scenario April 6-7 (Confederate's attack and Union's counterattack after Union supporting forces arrival) and First Day Scenario April 6 (Confederate's attack only). There are three difficulty levels and five levels of different options such as Conf/Union Ammo Supply, Union Arrival, Conf/Union Effeciency.

During war gameplay you move the troops on the map with rectangular grid using your tactical/strategical skills by turns, after that combat is flowing, and statistical results of the combat are shown. Map represents nature of the locality. Each turn takes some amount of time. Your actions increase your score according to successfulness.

"SSI's first rendition of Civil War, The battle, it was a true "beer-and-pretzels" type of game. Easy to learn and play, it was marred by marginal graphics and ahistoric results. The "edge of the world" map syndrome ruled here as it was the preferred method to fix and destroy the enemy." It was also a more accurate rendition of the Battle of Shiloh than the 1981 game SSI first released on Apple II.

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