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Shogi is the Japanese version of the game of chess. The pieces are similar to conventional chess and the objective is the same, but subtle differences make it more exciting in many ways. You may promote any piece which reaches the other side of the board, and you have the ability to put captured pieces back into play (which means that stalemates are very rare).

Shogi Master offers this game in six levels of play against the computer or a human opponent, with the option to add a handicap to the difficulty level. A manual which comes with the game explains not only the rules but also shogi's place in Japanese culture, where it has been very popular since 1550.

Games may be saved, and you can play using Japanese or western pieces with the press of a button. There is also a lot of help online if you need it.

Shogi is a Japanese variant of chess where you can return your opponent's captured pieces to the game, but on your side instead! There are many other rule differences (and unique pieces) in this fantastic strategic game that I like better than standard Chess. Shogi has been very popular in Japan for centuries. Shogi Master recreates the game superbly with a tough computer opponent. This product was only available by mail order but now you may download and enjoy it!


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