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You're a transportation manager in this game. You choose your starting landscape (Europe, toy land, South America, desert) and your skill level. In this game you can build different transportation lines, like transporting coal to a coal power plant, or oil from the oil wells to the oil refinery. There exist ships, trains, buses & trucks, helicopters and trains. The game has an isometric graphics engine and a jazz-style soundtrack.

The Deluxe version contains new features that were not present in the original Transport Tycoon: the time scale of the game became larger, including futuristic vehicles such as monorails; and the editor is much more advanced, allowing you to create entire maps with terrain and cities positioned the way you like. Also, there are some new scenery themes, such as snowy and desert areas.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe (incl. WinXP patch) is nothing more than an upgrade of already magnificent Transport Tycoon. This version was published in 1996 as a facelift for its, already outdated, predecessor.

Deluxe edition preserves the original idea and gameplay, but adds some spice in form of premade scenarios, the scenario editor, improved graphics and a few new environments in which you can play (such as desert and winter). Experienced players will be happy to hear that AI has also been significantly improved, so playing against it on a hard difficulty level will not be a breeze, but more of a tornado.

All these small, but significant changes should make the playing of this, already immensely entertaining game, even more enjoyable. There is an in-game tutorial included for the beginners, while hardcore tycoons may try their luck in a scenario right away.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe is pretty much an enhanced version of the original Transport Tycoon. This newer version conists of 4 worlds which you can establish your transport empire, with a variety of new vehicles as well, and a map editor. If you're a real Transport Tycoon fan, and want an extra challenge, then I'd suggest giving this a go and adding this to your list of conquered games. The aim of the game is to basically manage a transport company, from everything to the roadworks and railways to giving all the vehicles orders of where to go, and what to do and make it through to the year 2030. Transport Tycoon features air, land, and sea vehicles, and allows you to not just supply a service to passengers but also to local trade industries. The game is realistic in a sense that as time goes on, technology obviously advances and in doing so provides you with new, updated vehicles, new age buildings and faster transport. The game is fully customisable as well, so you can change the names, colours, almost anything to suit your needs. In my opinion, it beats simcity hands down. One thing to also be noted, is that the year you start from can also be changed, and the currency that the game uses can also be selected.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe is basically just a re-release of the original transport tycoon but with improved graphics and some more options and features which does make it worth the download for sure. The game was made by Microprose, and is probably one of their best ever games and also could be one of their most popular. It's quite a lot like Railroad Tycoon and Sim City in the style of game but is sort of like a really good blend of both. Its like Sim Sity in that in SS, you get control of an entire city and have to build it up, but you only get minor control over transport (laying some roads), but with TT, you can lay roads, build cars, trains, aircraft and sea craft as well. Unlike some other games in this genre, the game "gets older", what I mean by that is that you start off in 1950 and you progress all the way through to about 2070 if I remember correctly. At 2070Ithink the years just stop ticking by, the game never finishes unless you want it to. As the time goes on you start off in the 1950's with pretty basic stuff like steam trains and pretty basic slow cars and small airports with slow planes and also some slow boats in there too. But eventually you get to use very fast trains and planes with large airports and also fast hovercraft for transporting passengers over lakes and seas. The last evolution is the trains running on monorails with extremely fast trains, planes that can go 2500km/h and look alot like concords but with different names, the cars and trucks however don't look too much different though.

The graphics of the game are kind of good for its 1995 release date, not fantastic though, a lot more detail could have been put into things such as the boats and the cars, the rest looks ok though. The graphics are VGA and does not require a video card, but u may need a sound card to play some of the good but often repetitive sounds that the game has. And do yourself a favour and turn off the music, it can really drive you insane! One of the features that sim city 200 has that TT does not have is being able to rotate the view to 4 different positions, which because TT does not have that it can get kind of annoying seeing what's behind a building or sometimes exactly how much a mountain slopes and in what direction if there's trees or something else in the way. This game however does have something that sim city 2000 does not, which is very competitive competition, and you can even choose which level of competition you want. There can be lots of company's competing with you for the big $, the most I've ever played against was 8 companies, I managed to buy most of them out though. When u start the game, you start off with $200'000 dollars, or you can start off with pounds, yen, peseta, or deutschmark's, you can choose which side of the road you want cars to drive on, if you want miles or kilometres displayed or you can even have your own custom names for vehicles.

Some other things in the game which are very cool are the industries, there's the power industry, steel, livestock and grain and of course oil as well, what u have to do to earn a lot of money is get trains, cars or planes or even cargo ships to transport (for the power industry) the coal to the power station which earns you money, there is also transporting livestock and grain to the factory to create goods which then have to be transported to the cities, also iron ore to the factory to create steel and oil to the refinery. Making a bad move like building a train and tracks and station to transport wood to the wood factory and the selling of the wood makes no money because production and selling costs are down, you wont make any money, which can really screw u up, especially at the start of the game when u need to start a lot of things right away to make money to be a major competing company.

I only have a few gripes about the game which would have been nice if they didn't exist, they are there should have been some rotation options to easily use for the view you want to use, and perhaps some better music tunes, oh yeah and also be able to delete trains without having to send them to the depot, because when you convert to monorails (which you get no warning), you can't build more traditional tracks, so if you accidentally delete part of a track and you can't send the train back to its depot then you cannot get rid of the train, it just sits there and is usually in the way for the rest of the game.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (267 MB).


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