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One of the keys to being successful in Warlords II is making sure to get the most out of each of your individual units. This may sound relatively easy but it takes a lot of coordination and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the various troops you employ for specific tasks. For those fans of the original game, most of what you encounter in this sequel will be familiar and game play will proceed in the same smooth way as before. This time around, though, the enemies are more diverse with stronger AI routines, maps and armies are bigger and better and the main objective remains the same: conquer all opponents by either extermination, subjugation or neutralization thus paving the way to acquire enough land mass to meet victory conditions (of course, the excellent option to decline your opponents' entreaties for peaceful surrender and finish the game by total annihilation continues to be most pleasurable).

With thirty types of units to employ or fight, each with specific costs, strengths and weaknesses, the choices in Warlords II abound and present you with strategic decisions on which units should fight which enemies where and when. Computer opponents in the game are strong and determined as well as efficient. The number of game options is impressive and your choices will easily affect the way each scenario plays out leaving a large combination of options open for replay purposes. Customization includes such parameters as how many neutral cities with varying degrees of impact are on the map, a "cheat" mode using a Military Advisor to get an accurate assessment of how the battle will end before it starts (not recommended by yours truly), random turn order (highly recommended for diversity, surprise and realism), view enemy stacks or cities options (which are akin to having a well placed spy), combat level of intensity (large or small army casualties), diplomacy (very powerful option), and hero quests (separate from battling opponents).

Attacking armies, sieges, naval combat and movement points all play integral parts in carrying out your campaigns of conquest. Not to be overlooked, however, is the importance of acquiring gold (remember those hero quests) with which to fortify cities and units and buy (recruit) new troops. The amount of gold you earn is also dependent upon how many cities you control so early expansion is recommended (though not always easy). Production costs and vectoring decisions (moving resources between cities) are modeled nicely and add a touch of realism to the game. Exploration of temples and ruins to uncover valuable artifacts, magical items, allies or even a Sage (the possible source of a hidden map, gold or specific item location) is a terrific sidelight of the game and represents a major enhancement.

Warlords II is a complex, intense, and enchanting game playing experience with elements sure to please most fans of the genre. The fantasy world is populated with a wide range of entities, both human and fantasy-based, and is well supported by sound and music as well as challenging strategic and tactical decision making.

Graphics: Nice looking maps and unit portrayal. Colorful and decidedly period-based artwork gives a good impression of the fantasy world in which the game is based.

Sound: Somewhat repetitive after hearing it for awhile but fortunately can be toggled off. Initially quite engaging and appropriate for setting the mood in the game and sound effects are adequate.

Enjoyment: Definitely a fun game to play with a not-too-difficult learning curve. The availability of thirty unit types is a selling point as all of them are quite unique and perform different functions or the same function in various ways. Game play is smooth and immersive and the challenge level is sufficiently high for even veteran gamers.

Replay Value: Scenarios are well designed and offer varying options for planning strategy and tactical warfare. With the advent of the Scenario Builder for Warlords II, this feature expands enormously.

Turn-based strategy game with fantasy elements. Capture cities and use them to create armies, which you then send out to fight those of your opponents. Still has a devoted following on the internet.

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