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WZebra is an excellent PC game of Othello (a.k.a. Reversi) board game that offers a good range of difficulty levels, from beginner to expert. In addition to strong AI, the game offers many useful features, including the ability to take back and preview your move, rotate the board, and even import move lists in text format.

One of the best features in WZebra is the excellent option that allows you to set up any position on the board, and ask the program to analyze or solve it. Names of the opening moves are automatically displayed, and the game can even evaluate them based on its huge database. The game can "learn" new opening moves that aren't yet in its database, by adding to it for later use. With an intuitive Windows interface, well-written on-line help, and a strong AI (that the designer said he never beats!), WZebra is definitely one of the better Othello games for the PC - and an ideal way to practice your skills.


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