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X-COM: Terror from the Deep is amazingly intricate and complex, combining the strategy of chess, the luck and memorization skills of grid games like Battleship, the knack for building items as in Populous, and the heavy-weapons battle skills of action-adventure games. With all of these elements, avid gamers can plan on months or even years to master gameplay. Building on the popularity of X-COM: UFO Defense, the title will please fans of the previous release. But having experience with the original isn't necessary, as novices can jump right into the action and still expect a high level of enjoyment.

Even with the action elements contained in the game, players should not begin play anticipating a big adrenaline rush. There is plenty of strategy and planning involved in carrying out successful strikes, but neither is the game boring due to these aspects. The excitement is simply spread out over a longer term with astonishingly addictive gameplay. It won't please all gamers, as it does require patience, critical thinking, good memory, and a heightened sense of strategy. If blowing away aliens is your remedy for blowing off steam, look elsewhere to games like Heretic, Doom, and other first-person shooters.

During battles, you should pay particular attention to the landscape and make mental notes about where aliens are positioned. These visual clues are the most important weapons you'll have during the battle scenes with the aquatic aliens. In the other game sequences, your eyes are not nearly as important, and you can relax your attention somewhat.

Graphically, this is a no-frills game. The DOS-based visuals are boxy and grainy but convey the messages of the game nicely. Different soldiers and ships have unique looks in certain screens, but look exactly the same in other long view phases. There are numerous types of aliens, each with unique appearances, though none have particularly notable features.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep's sound system is typical of DOS-based games. None of the sounds emitted by weapons, ships, or characters are truly wave-based samples. They're sounds that most PC speakers could emit without a decent sound card. Essentially, the sounds are unimportant. You can turn the speakers down, listen to some music, and still enjoy the game to the fullest.

Featuring a combination of many elements from other genres, the sequel should satisfy all but the most jaded fans. Serious gamers who have never experienced the X-COM phenomenon will also discover some great gameplay. In any case, X-COM: Terror from the Deep is the type of game that deserves a long run on your hard drive.

Graphics: The graphics are somewhat limited by the DOS platform, but get the job done. Pay attention to alien locations. These are the most important visual clues in the game.

Sound: The sound is unimportant to the game, but is not annoying and doesn't detract from the action.

Enjoyment: For those gamers with plenty of time on their hands, gameplay is extremely rewarding. It's not the kind of game that will be won in one or two sessions, so to get the full enjoyment from the title, plan on making a significant time commitment.

Replay Value: Repeated play is a necessity to complete a campaign against the aliens, but replaying the game over again won't accomplish a great deal.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep is the follow-up to the resource management and tactical combat game X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

It has been 40 years since X-COM last defeated the aliens. Now, in the year of 2040, aliens begin to appear on the Earth again. This time the threat to humanity is coming from the depths of oceans.

The game is almost identical to the original X-COM game. The user interface, weapons, and aliens are all the same. The only difference is the adaptation of the aliens and weapons to the ocean environment. The game features both undersea and on-land missions, and is significantly harder than its predecessor.

Here comes the sequel to the enormously popular UFO Enemy Unknown, or X-Com1 which has been on the top of our most popular game list since the day it was made available on the site. Terror From the Deep has earned most of the popularity thanks to its older brother. However, although it being a very good game, I feel that the producers should have done more for the sequel.

Frist of all, in my oppinion, the graphics and atmosphere were better in the first part. Secondly, gameplay and all other aspects of the game have basically remained the same - except this time your battles take place beneath the water surface. There are also some terror missions that take place in cities but they are a minority.

Sure, they added new ships, new weapons, new aliens and new research items, but that is it. It looks more like a remake than a sequel. I expected better graphics and some new gameplay features. Honestly, I completed UFO many times, but I'm not sure wether or not I completed TFtD even once. Still, this shouldn't discourage you from trying it out. If I put this lack of new features aside, its actually a great game, just as UFO was.

Part of the X-Com Series

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