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Catz 4: Your Virtual Petz Pals is a virtual pet program for PC, by the people who have created all of the other games in the "Petz" series, PF Magic. You will get to care for and love your very own cats on your computer, without having to look after them every day.

Once you start out the program and adopt a pet, you will get to raise it, feed it and show it some love. You'll get to choose which type of cat you'll have, whether it's a Tabby, Calico or Siamese. You can also have multiple pets in your collection, but only two can play on your screen at once. The cat(s) start out in a kitten phase, where they will need lots of support and to be fed regularly. You must also play with them and reward them with treats. As the cats get older, their needs will change, but still the basics will remain the same. You will also be able to breed new Pets if you want, but making a couple of kitty's fall in love isn't an easy task. It will take persistence and determination. Also, don't neglect your pets, otherwise they might run away.

You can let your cats roam around many places such as the playpen, backyard or take them to the beach. Those little furballs can even run around on your desktop! Also, another good traveling feature is the ability to take your cats on trips to the circus, snowy mountains or desert lands. You can even dress your cats for the occasion with hats, shirts and shorts.

Another feature in Catz 4: Your Virtual Petz Pals is voice recognition software. Also, since a microphone headset comes with the game's package, you can set it up right away so that commands and verbal praises or scorns can be heard by your cat.


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