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Ah to play God. Who can honestly say the idea is not utterly fascinating? Like Sim City and Civilization before it, Conquest of the New World allows players to meddle in the lives of some would be explorers. Play begins when your humble colonists arrive on a, as yet, hidden, landscape. As players progress further inland more and more of the map becomes viewable. A nice feature is that, as you discover mountains, rivers, gold deposits, etc., Conquest of the New World allows you to name them yourself. You can imagine exactly how humorous this can be, especially when you have found that you have become the uncontested ruler of the "Toe Cheese Mountains." The landscapes are beautifully rendered and the option to zoom in reveals a wondrous world in miniature, where you can see the day by day activities of your colonists as they go about their common existence.

Playing as either the Native Americans, French, Dutch, English, Portuguese or Spanish, players must establish

an initial colony from which to expand from. The main idea being to find an ideal location where the games many buildings, (farms, mines, lumber yards etc.) can blossom. An army will also be needed to keep your little colony safe from harm and there are three types of unit to choose from.

Conquest of the New World is a very involving, complex game. The AI is pretty sharp especially considering it is rapidly becoming and older game. The computer will often raid or downright invade your settlements at will. When and if you finally declare independence, you will find the mother country more than willing to grind you into submission as wave upon wave of troop carriers arrive by sea to set you straight.

With an included scenario builder, several customization features, random maps, and multiplayer capability this is one you will not tire of quickly. Conquest of the New World may, indeed, only have one main fault, and that is that the middle game is a bit dull and far too long. Alot of time will be spent expanding your colonies and gathering resources. But, don't be discouraged. Once the battle for freedom begins, you will have more than enough to keep yourself occupied. The interface is mouse driven and easy enough that you may be able to skip the manual, very rare for a strategy game.

Graphics: Beautiful to look at even when you zoom in close

Sound: Okay. Not much special here

Enjoyment: Absolutely one that will keep you up nights...

Replay Value: Definately worth playing again, especially since the random generator makes a new game each time.

Conquest Of The New World is a game much similar to Civilization in some ways. You start the game with your ship. You will have to make landfall with your units and get contact with the natives. You can either attack them or start to trade with them similar to things like in Civilization or Colonization.

The control of your units is a new way of controlling. You drag an arrow from your unit to where you want it to move and moves automatically.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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