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The game play is set in real time, similar to Dune 2 or Command and Conquer, were wasteland warriors lead futuristic tanks and mutated beasts in an attempt to destroy enemy bases and units. Play takes place in individual missions, each with it's own agenda and goal. The missions offer a variety of challenges, many of which call for the total eradication of all enemy units. To add in the fun, the game has formidable rescue missions, convoys and even hit and run raids. To add to the difficulty, each side's missions are unique and different.

KKND's futuristic setting adds a new twist to the real time combat simulator, with bizarrely strange units including mutated scorpions and monster trucks, as well as the humorously dark segments in between the missions. As players advance, the game becomes increasing challenging with each new level. New units and structures are introduced to both side's arsenal of destruction. KKND also features an additional ten multi-player levels so players can share the feel good intentions of the setting.

The game controls are very simple and any armchair general should be able to jump in and start giving orders. Commands can be given, by a simple click and point, to units individually or the forces can be grouped together to overwhelm enemy positions. Players are advised to watch the indicator bars on units and buildings for damage levels as well as the status of the unit's fighting abilities.

Like most real time combat simulations, KKND features the standard overhead view of the battle field and a radar view in the latter missions. Live action segments, with some b-movie sets, are used in the mission briefings advancing the storyline while adding a bit of intentional comic relief. These segments give some insight into the mission and might even make the player think twice about the competence of that sides leadership! The graphic detail is acceptable but not overly spectacular, while the scenery, which changes with each mission, is fitting of a wasteland following a nuclear holocaust. Occasionally players can even catch some obvious in-jokes from the creators (watch for the Statue Of Liberty in a later mission). Overall, the storyline is original and different and features some of the most bizarre units to come out in a combat simulator making for a fun and heart pounding trip into a hellish wasteland.

Graphics: Decent for a real-time strategy game

Sound: Tolerable

Enjoyment: More RTS fun!

Replay Value: The missions are too tough, you won't go there again.

After a nuclear war humanity is divided up into two groups: the survivors and the mutes. The survivors lived under the surface of Earth for years. After they crawled up to the light again, the whole world has changed. The most important resource is oil and now a war between the Evolved (mutants) and the Survivors begins. The Evolved use mutant animals as units, while the Survivors use their high-tech vehicles.

KKND is a real-time strategy game where oil is the primary resource to earn the currency needed to construct buildings and train units. Different buildings can often be upgraded multiple times to unlock new options.

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