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Accidents, crimes, catastrophes -- life is filled with emergencies. Some are man-made, others the result of natural disasters beyond man's control. In Emergency Fighters for Life you are the buffer between death and salvation for the many victims caught in these disastrous situations. You'll face life and death decisions and a myriad of obstacles as you lead your specialized emergency fighters into mission after mission of mayhem and chaos -- always fighting the biggest battle against time.

As the game progresses, the 30 missions are designed to become more and more difficult. You'll control several types of personnel including firefighters, police officers, doctors and orderlies. Your responsibilities will include dispatching units, assigning crews, selecting vehicles, giving orders to all members of your emergency teams, equipping personnel, entering, x-raying and searching buildings and managing your department's budget.

In Emergency Fighters for Life, you'll need to master a wide array of items and equipment for various personnel types. Firefighters will use safety nets, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, metal cutters, hose, power saws, ropes, flares, ladder trucks and contamination suits. Medical personnel examine and treat the injured and use stretchers to get victims to helicopters and ambulances for transportation. Police officers control traffic, clamp down on the curiosity seekers, make arrests and secure trauma scenes.

The game contains 17 types of fire-related vehicles as well as four medical and three police mobile units, many with special equipment and unique features. The manual contains a walkthrough of the first of the 30 missions (highway accident) and many of the worst disasters are set up via full motion video clips. Gameplay is controlled through a point-and-click interface with some keyboard shortcuts offered.

Disaster can strike from the air, from the ground, from the sea, at the hands of nature (earthquakes, tornadoes), by man (terrorists, biological disasters) or simply accidentally. Do you have what it takes to remain cool, calm and collected as you manage the scenes of chaos surrounding you and your team?


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