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Ancient Conquest is based back in the Greek mythological times, and to be specific when Jason embarked on his quest for the Golden Fleece hence the name of the game. Jason and a team of the finest soldiers called the Argonaughts ventured through a number a different places in there quest for the Golden Fleece, fighting the people who stand in there way of them retrieving the Golden Fleece.

The graphics in Ancient Conquest are above average but nothing that will amaze you, I found that although the pixels weren't the best it made the game look like an old style type of game maybe that was supposed to add to the effect of the game being set in ancient times. The game is based around naval combat, which means all the units that are displayed on the screen are ships the big problem with this was that all the ships are almost identical and I thought a bit more effort to make the units look different would have been greatly appreciated by gamers.

The game offers digitized speech which really adds effect to the game and the speech has been made to sound like it is a person from the ancient Greek times speaking. Of course speech is standard in most games now but Ancient Conquest's speech isn't just normal it has a Greek sound to it which really makes you feel like your in the game and makes it more interactive. Ancient Conquest also has all the normal sounds that you would expect from a game such as the sounds of cannons and other weaponry.

On to the gameplay, this is probably what makes the game good. Even though Ancient Conquest is an RTS Megamedia have introduced something different into the game to make it a lot fresh and more fun than previous RTS games. What they have added is that instead of taking over islands and defeating the enemy, you have to let Jason find artifacts and other things that can help you in the quest so it turns the game into more than just your run of the mill RTS. I think the change was needed because lately RTS games have lacked enjoyment and they became very repetitive after awhile which was really annoying for most gamers. Overall I think the gameplay really stands out against other games with this new idea implemented it really helps add replay value to the game which most games of this genre lack.

Overall I think that Ancient Conquest is a cut above the rest of the RTS games, and I cannot stress enough about how much this new idea of making the game more interesting and actually having objectives works. If your a hard-core RTS fan then you will need to grab this game because it will keep you busy for at least two days.


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