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In the spirit of Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon (and its various successful official and unofficial progeny), this 19th century business simulation from German developer Kritzelkratz 3000 (Far West) puts players in the roles of entrepreneurs on a continent of pristine wilderness, then challenges them to develop a network of finances and rail systems worthy of a true Robber Baron. Before the first spike may be driven, the land must be tamed, by pioneer units that players dispatch along key routes.

Wise leaders will protect these valuable workers with other units, such as cartographers to help them chart their course and gunmen to protect them from unknown dangers. Once the land has been claimed for development, it's time to start laying down track, using switches and signals to ensure efficient train traffic. When the basic systems and structures are in place, players can turn their attention to expanding their empires, always keeping a few cars ahead of the competition through negotiation, research, and trade.

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