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Humans dominate the universe with organids in Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade. Organids are a type of spaceship that is covered in skin, requires blood as a building tool, and will grow and change during the course of the game. The humans claim ownership to the entire reach of space with the exception of a small zone known as the Universal Heart that is said to house the creator of life. The single-player campaign puts you in the role of Captain Iconah, a fleet commander and genetic designer in charge of the conquest and assimilation of the Universal Heart. Your fleet is a collection of light, medium, and large organids that feature a set amount of Geneslots used for such amenities as armor upgrades and new weapons. There are around 30 cooperative single- and multiplayer missions, with activities that include escorts and races against the clock with a total of three different endings to the game. Up to 15 friends can play on a variety of existing or user-created maps, as one of three factions with unique ships and DNA upgrades, through a LAN or the over the Internet.


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