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Making History: The Calm & The Storm centers on achieving social and economical victory during WWII rather than defeating the enemy with firepower. Players must select from eight different factions including the U.S.S.R., China, the U.S.A., France, Britain, Japan, Germany, and Italy. Each nationality has their own agenda along with historically re-created strengths and weaknesses based on economic, military, diplomatic, ideological, and technical standings at the time. A simulated world economy requires players to control the trade, aide, industrial development, and research of their homeland while attempting to beat their opponents through alliances and deep strategic thinking.

Although combat is not the focus of the game, players may declare war and send units to march against the enemy. Gamers can send in troops for hand-to-hand combat or blast the opponent with a squadron of bomber planes.Single-players must work their way through six scenarios that begin during such events as the Fall of France, Pearl Harbor, the Sudeten crisis, and D-Day. Online, players can compete or cooperate with each other in turn-based play that includes in-game chat and room for eight.


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