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Muzzy Lane Software continues its devotion to emphasizing the economic side of war in this sequel to the 2007 title Making History: The Calm & The Storm. Making History II: The War of the World offers players an extensive economic system, allowing them to customize the industrial development of cities and regions to manage production, consumption, resources, and trading. Gamers can also choose to upgrade their infrastructure to create a more prosperous nation, and just as in the real world, culture, religion, ethnicity, and political factions all play a large role in the way citizenry behaves. A 3D world map lets players view every nation, allowing gamers to manage colonies, liberate territory, engage in espionage, and manage each country's unique characteristics and behavior.

While Making History II: The War of the World emphasizes the economic factors of war, it also gives equal time to military tactics and strategy. All of the major and minor powers of the WWII era are represented by unique land, sea, and air units, and the military system has been expanded to include experience, morale, command, repairs, and upgrades. Players can turn cities and regions into military hubs by building weapons factories, shipyards, and research facilities, and then take aircraft on sorties to attack a variety of military and industrial targets. Multiplayer matches are hosted on the Making History website, with asynchronous support allowing for turn-based battles to take place even when all parties are not present, and turns can also be set to end at fixed intervals.


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