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Business management, interior design, and intimate observation reunite in Hotel Giant 2, a follow-up to Enlight's Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant. As in the Sims-inspired 2002 original, the sequel game puts players in the roles of hotel managers, who design the layout of their multi-story resorts, add amenities such as restaurants and bars, decorate and furnish the rooms, and then -- most importantly -- open for business and watch over guests as they interact in the establishment. As invisible overseers, players can observe their guests at all times, in public areas as well as in the privacy of their rooms, to learn which hotel features please them and which desires remain unsatisfied by the current facilities. Dutiful mangers can then use the information they glean by watching their guests to improve their hotels. Improvements are never free, and profits must be reinvested in order to make the business grow, but hotels that offer more and better comforts attract more guests who are willing to pay higher rates to stay. Players can take a general overview of their establishments, concerning themselves with broader activities such as expansion and layout, or they can micromanage details, down to the menu selections in each hotel eatery. The game offers a total of 26 sky-rising hotel building shells to lay out and decorate, set in global business and vacation destinations, such as Paris, Rome, Phuket, Munich, and Los Angeles. Rooms and public areas can be decorated with selections of more than 100 flooring types and nearly as many wallpaper choices, and more than 1,400 pieces of furniture, equipment, and other items are available to accommodate nearly every conceivable want or need a virtual guest may have.


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