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Business-minded gamers with a taste for fine cuisine can try to find the recipe for success in this sequel to Enlight Software's 2003 restaurant management simulation. A new 16-mission campaign once again finds players in the role of Armand LeBoeuf, the upstart chef who, in addition to designing restaurants, hiring the staff, and choosing the menus, must also find room on his plate for a new bride. Munich joins the returning roster of Paris, Los Angeles, and Rome as a potential base of operations, and Restaurant Empire II also lets players expand their traditional restaurant business models with Coffee Shop and Dessert House enterprise options.

A new German cuisine category, combined with existing French, Italian, and American offerings, means players can create a unique menu from more than 600 different recipes, and each of the four styles is also reflected in the restaurant's architecture and interior design. The game adds more than 700 new interior objects, bringing the total number of design options to well over 1,400, and creative gamers can go the extra mile with undersea, rain forest, and racetrack themes. Players can further add to the atmosphere by hiring rock bands, classical musicians, and even circus acrobats, while purists can use the Recipe Research feature to improve the quality and variety of available dishes.


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