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Perimeter 2: New Earth is a real-time strategy sequel of terraforming and territory control. Players take charge of opposing factions that can alter the landscape itself to suit their wartime needs. Through the use of advanced technology and immense energy culled from an inter-dimensional power source, solid islands can be made to rise from the ocean and seas can swell to fill sinking canyons, all by building and maintaining the right facilities. The two opponent factions in the game employ similar ground, air, and stationary units, although the Exodus have powerful land abilities and the Harkback are strong in water. Many units can transform, even in the heat of battle, from a sturdy ground assault vehicle to an evasive flying bomber, for example, allowing players to adjust their attacks and counter-attacks dynamically

The story follows from the original game. The theocratic Spirit faction continues in the Exodus, a massive journey for New Earth. After generations of travel through the dimension known as the Sponge, facing the monsters and disasters known as the Scourge, some of the Exodus begin to lose faith. Those of an opposing faction, the Harkback, do not believe the legends of Old Earth's demise, and set off to find the planet of their ancestors. When both factions somehow meet on the same planet, battle ensues. The most powerful unit in the game is Providence, a navigational tool which has been transformed into a weapon. The Harkback and Exodus have each developed devastating new attacks for Providence, including meteor showers mushroom-cloud blasts. Recovering Psy-Crystal artifacts hidden throughout the maps allows players to custom upgrade the Providence with new and stronger powers.


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