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War Front: Turning Point is an "alternate history World War II" real-time strategy game, featuring authentic equipment and armaments of the era in speculative-fiction battle scenarios. Based on the premise that Adolph Hitler will be assassinated early in the conflict, the World War II of War Front develops differently from the one we read about in history books, leaving different factions to seize power in Germany, and leaving Russia to decline some alliances in favor of its own interests. The game's storyline follows key character throughout the events, and these hero characters gain experience and become stronger with each mission they survive.

Technology develops differently in this alternate reality as well, and sci-fi equipment -- such as multi-turret tanks, personal jetpacks, and even fighting mechs -- may make it off the drawing board and onto the battlefields. As in many real-time strategy games, players must gather resources required for continued support and production, while defending their bases and launching offensive against their enemies. War Front allows players to guide their forces from a traditional top-down perspective, or to zoom in close for third-person action-styled control of a particular units. Two single-player campaigns offer perspectives from both sides of the re-imagined conflict, and multiplayer games support as many as ten networked commanders.


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