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Discovery: In the Steps of Columbus is a real-time strategy game of conquest and exploration. The player assumes the role of a "conquistador" as he sends his fleet of settlers to different locations on any of the 6 available new worlds. Depending on the resources they find, they'll start developing advanced settlements and cities, which can be used to start trading efforts between the fatherland and the new empire.

There are five other nations with their own colonies in each area though, so competition is fierce enough to require the game to feature a combat module. This also comes into play when negotiations with the natives fail, and on sea, when facing pirates or enemy warships.

The game features a comprehensive mouse-driven interface, as well as a choice of starting fatherland.

Veteran wargamer M. Evan Brooks said it all in his synopsis of the game: "The 500th Anniversary of Columbus was PIC (politically incorrect). The movies, televisions, books quickly became major "busts". This game was no different -- slow, dull, user unfriendly. If this showed Columbus in a positive light, it is a wonder he ever secured the wherewithal to head an expedition."

Enough (dis)recommendation, methinks. Too bad the engine used in Merchant Colony was only marginally improved for this utterly boring game. Go play Sid Meier's Colonization for Windows instead if you're a fan of the period.

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