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In a few words: Conquer all you can. You have two options: Mongol conquest or World conquest. In the first campaign as Temujin (later known as Genghis Khan), you must unite all the little tribes of Mongolia. You can use force or diplomacy. In the second campaign, you can be one of four characters. As in the first campaign, you must unite all the countries.

Another excellent war game from KOEI, this time starring you as Temujin (better known as Genghis Khan). KOEI is known for delivering accurate strategy simulations of historic battles, and Genghis Khan is no exception. The first you will have to do is to unite all the mongol tribes, then place the world under your dominant rule.

The game uses the very familiar interface that is known to KOEI fans. Everything is controlled using numeric commands. Press enter if you want to see a description of the available commands. As with the rest of the old KOEI strategy games, a beginner will have a hard time playing this game. However, for those who want 100% strategy, this is the game to try. There are many things you will need to supervise, from espionage and assassinations on foreign regions to watching your children grow.

The fact that the game is controlled simply by the keyboard, means that battles will take a long time, but at the same time it gives you a lot of different strategies to use. Ranging from all out assault to ambushes in forrests, and use of projectile weapons over rivers. You can also split your forces as you like and attack from different sides at once.

Genghis Khan is a highly detailed game, that will take time to get familiar with, but which is truly worth the effort. This one provides a challenge to any strategy gamer, regardless of their past experience with this type of game.

The game supports multiplayer up to 4 players.

In my opinion the second-best KOEI series after Romance of The Three Kingdoms, this series is based on the awe-inspiring exploits of Temujin, a.k.a. Genghis Khan, the Mongol ruler who once ruled the biggest empire in the world. The RTK engine is tweaked to great effect to handle nomadic lifestyle and tribal warfare, such as the option to raze cities you conquer, more emphasis on hit-and-run style of combat, and more. One of the best features in both games is that after your unification of the Mongol empire is complete, you will have access to new strategic options, such as diplomacy, in your next step to conquer the known world. Definitely not to be missed!

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