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Impressions gets high marks for creating a power-struggle game that is intended to provide both strategy and tactical maneuvering. Unfortunately, Global Domination succeeds nicely on only one of the two fronts. It's almost as if there are two separate games, each with it's own specific control mechanisms, and they've been meshed together with the result similar to that achieved when one tries to put a square peg into a round hole, it just doesn't fit. Global Domination is somewhat similar to other war/strategy games in its use of a turn-based system (each turn simulates a month) but unlike other games it doesn't break the turn into a specific order of battle, thus allowing you to pick and choose whatever action you deem necessary or prudent for advancement of your army. Visually, the game is reminiscent of the old board game, Risk, in that the map (either historically accurate or randomly generated) is split into factions with the computer controlled players assuming the personality of any one of nine historical leaders with varied strategic abilities. With computer capabilities, however, the map is vividly and clearly defined by color (for up to five players) with territories undergoing revolution depicted in a garish purple. This easy and fast process of identification is one of the basic reasons that computer war games are proliferating while the appeal of board war games is waning. That, coupled with the computer shouldering the burden of keeping track logistically of everything happening on the map, certainly augers well for the future of computer-based war gaming.

Actions are carried out through a mouse point-and-click interface and consist of the standard war/strategy game fare such as movement points, economy considerations, logistics management, attacking, stacking, defending, diplomacy and so forth with each option having it's own parameters and tangible settings. An interesting twist in game play is the option to engage in subterfuge against your opponents causing mayhem and revolutions that distract them from aggressively pursuing their plans for Global Domination. So, where does it all go wrong? To be specific, in the unit level tactical mode. Unit level command is invoked when units under your control take the field of battle and confront enemy units on a detailed terrain laden map. Although this aspect of the game is as visually pleasing as the rest, unfortunately, the same can't be said for the control system. Battle quickly becomes a tedious chore and the action bogs down due to an insufficient command structure and stiff interface. If you don't have the people-mover technology, then trying to move large groups efficiently and coordinate detailed functions denigrates into a frustrating experience. Even so, the game offers a fast, lively encounter based on the strength of the strategic Risk-like module of commanding at a macro-level. With the clever introduction of the nine historical figures as opponents, the fun quotient of Global Domination ranks high despite the flaws in the tactical system.

Graphics: VGA screens are bright, clear and sharp as are the tactical battle scenes.

Sound: Music is so-so but the sound effects are well done.

Enjoyment: The failure of the tactical side of the game to provide intense game play is disappointing. What's exciting in the higher level strategic confrontation is offset somewhat by the dull tactical game. There's plenty of addictive fun here though to satisfy most fans of the strategy game genre.

Replay Value: Random map generation and full stable of computer opponents.

In the near future, the world is divided in 5 power nations that will fight until the conquest of all the world You could use the tactics, spying and diplomacy to made it. The rest of little powers will fall under your control. The peace will be the goal, the peace when you are the only one leader on the world

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