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Kingdom at War is a turn based strategy game in which you control a medieval country and set out to conquer all other countries. You can raise armies, improve your castle and its defenses, conduct diplomacy, and improve your economy. Set scenarios, and randomly generated maps allow for varied replay options. Many factors can be randomized to create new worlds to dominate.

A somewhat obscure strategy title, Kingdom At War is a good scenario-based game where you must eradicate your enemies.

The game is set in medieval times. You are king of one region of the kingdom, and you must eliminate all opposition. Not much can be said about this game, as it doesn't have a campaign. There are only eight scenarios, each with its own plot, and a "Custom Game" option.

With graphics resembling those of Master of Magic, and some beautiful tunes, the game will take up some of your time.

Strategy fans will like this game, even though it's just a short experience; however, there are randomly generated maps and other variables which make the game very replayable. To sum up the game, the goal is to raise armies, conquer cities and vanquish your foes.

At first glance, Kingdoms at War looks like just another fantasy/medieval strategy game in the same vein as Warlords or Dominus. But spend some time with it, and you will discover a lot of nice little details that are reminiscent of Interplay's classic Castle and Cinemaware's Defender of the Crown.

The plot is simple: unite the various city states under your banner by battling the other five Kings. The game offers six scenarios plus a custom scenario, and modem play is supported although only two players can compete (turn-based hotseat mode supports up to 8 human players, though). The gameplay will be familiar fare to strategy veterans: set taxes, hire troops, attack opposing armies, spy on enemies, improve a city's defence, and so on. One innovative and fun feature is the great variety of medieval-style tournaments you can hold - primarily to recruit the best warriors in your land, but also to increase happiness of the people. Each type of tournament brings in different types of warriors; for example, if you hold an Arena Tournament, many different pit fighters will turn up at your door, as well as Orcs, Ogres, Barbarians, or even Giants.

The AI in the game is a bit too predictable, but it is not bad. Overall, Kingdoms at War is an enjoyable fantasy strategy game that manages to be different enough from the me-too crowd to be both refreshing and interesting. It's a fun, unassuming little game that may just surprise you with solid playability and smooth gameplay. A top game in my book.

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