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The game is a compilation of several Casino games with ability to play a Single Game, win a Tournament, or spend a 3 weeks vacation in Quantum City full of casino houses.

Probably the least known game from QQP (famous for wargames such as The Perfect General and The Lost Admiral), Lucky's Casino is an excellent casino simulation strong enough to give Beat the House a run for its money had it been more well-known (or better promoted). In addition to the typical range of casino games (e.g. roulette, craps, slots, video poker, and baccarat), Lucky's Casino contains numerous variants of each game and a plethora of options that QQP fans are familiar with.

After creating your alter ego in the game (complete with a cartoon face), you are off in search of massive fortune inside the casino. Similar to other QQP offerings, you can either play individual games, or play in a tournament mode. Tournaments are basically just a string of casino games that must be played in sequence as you advance, and Lucky's Casino provides a wide variety of them. You can either go for a quick tournament, i.e. only 5-6 consecutive games, or a long one that involves 15 or more games. The SVGA graphics are pleasant, and the user interface is excellent. Player statistics, another QQP hallmark, is here in abundance: the game tracks your records to the point that you can review any past game to see your mistakes. On-line help is concise and adequate, although the game lacks the on-line coach that makes Beat the House a great casino program. With the highest number of options and variants I have seen yet in a casino game, Lucky's Casino is a must-have for casino fans or any gambler who isn't willing to risk real money yet ;)

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