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MacArthur's War is a round-based 2D simulation of the Korean War. ( June 1950 - April 1951 ) You take the role of Douglas MacArthur, the commander in chief of the United Nations forces but you can also assume the role of the Chinese general staff. Confronted with the Korean crisis, you can manage the conflict at a limited level or you can escalate it into a Asian or Global showdown between the superpowers.

General Douglas Macarthur. The name brings thoughts of an American war hero. The Korean War was really one of the first times the US intervened between 2 rivals in a "Police Action". In the early 1950's , the world was beginning to realize the "cold war', as the communist Soviet Union's influence was being felt all over the world. Korea was one country that was quickly divided, north and south, between communist idealisms and western / capitalist productivity. SSG brought us probably the best wargame covering the Korean War. Using the much celebrated 'BATTLEFRONT' game system, you are able to play 8 scenarios depicting different historical battles. The system enables you to re-enact the battles with great realism, yet doesnt give you 100% control of your troops, therefore creating unpredictable outcomes. In plain terms, the 'fog' in the original war is most accurately simulated.

Starting with the Chipyong scenario, you quickly realize what Macarthur was facing. Fiercely focused communist Koreans that fought with passion and reckless abandon. By early 1951 , when this scenario takes place, Macarthur had already given the orders to the 8th army to retreat and was pressuring President Truman to use Nuclear bombs! Its a great background for the Chipyong scenario, simply hold out with your ROK troops until you calvary arrives 3/4 of the way thru this 43 turn melee. The theory is simple, but in practice, almost impossible. Historically, the ROK was very much the aggressor, but you will have to be the judge. The other scenarios are just as tough; take note of the Chosin Reservoir scenario-- it is extremely tough!!

Like all of SSG's wargames, this one does not disappoint. The Battlefront game system is here in all its glory. This is a must have for all wargamers, especially those that want a challenge!

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