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Talonsoft's Rising Sun truly does justice to battles often ignored in our teachings of history. Many gaps exist in peoples' minds about the war with Japan in World War II, especially the younger generation. We all remember Pearl Harbor and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but do we ever think about the difficult battles of defense against the Japanese in the Philippines and Guam? Many brave Allied forces helped to keep Japan in check. Rising Sun puts you in their shoes.

As well as providing a good history lesson, Rising Sun offers plenty of strategic action. Each time you start a new scenario, you have many options from which to choose, including the year, country, battle, how big a force you control and so forth. The same options are present when you edit or create your own game, though you have a wider array of them to tailor to your own details.

Campaign mode begins at the same point each time but allows you to modify a few things at the beginning. You are briefed on the history of each battle and what the scenario entails. Most games don't offer you this kind of history while at the same time offering solid entertainment.

Rising Sun is not much different in gameplay than many turn-based strategy war games on the market. Based on gameplay alone, Rising Sun offers nothing unusual or amazing. Even though you have a myriad of options from which to choose, the overall game is the same as Armies of Armageddon or many other war games. What sets Rising Sun apart from the rest, however, is its historical significance.

Rising Sun is historically accurate in many respects but it also offers a few ways to change history. If you choose to fight as Japan, for example, you can win battles that were lost in reality. The main alteration, of course, is the fictional scenario of the mainland attack on Japan. This opens a window on an alternate future that might have occurred without their surrender.

Whether you're a war fanatic, history buff or strategy master, Rising Sun is guaranteed to please. Realistic accounts of true historic events and the lifelike unloading of boats and movements of troops are definitely features worth noting in a strategy game. Rising Sun made this game respectful of the troops and history while balancing entertainment and education.

Graphics: The game has very detailed graphics. The soldiers, tanks, boats and general environments look very clear.

Sound: I liked the Japanese music score at the start screen; the music switches along with the side being portrayed during gameplay. Plenty of different music and sounds including gunshots, moving artillery and other sounds of war.

Enjoyment: In order to truly appreciate a game like this, you must be at least partially interested in the historical aspects of World War II. Without the factual events, the game would contain nothing special. If you can appreciate the history, then Rising Sun is very enjoyable and informative.

Replay Value: In multiplayer mode, the ability to create your own scenarios and edit those pre-existing, the game will no doubt be replayed by those who own it.


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