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The game is a collection of board games, in which you play with Mario. He talks to you, playing Checkers, Go Fish, Dominoes, Backgammon, Yacht. Most of games can be played for Yoshis or Koopas - tribes of animals.

It's a five-star game.

Seriously. I don't care what all the Mario fans or Screwattacks or whatever say about this, I think it's a fine game.

Mario's Game Gallery, made by Interplay, is a basic collection of parlour games; Checkers, Backammon, Go Fish, Yacht (Yahtzee) and Dominoes. The games are simple, fun and easy to learn, too. It's a perfect time-killer.

Now, what's gold about this game is Mario himself: He's your host and opponent in every game. Also, this is the first game in which Mario spoke. Yes, our beloved plumber speaks in this game - more lines than in any other game he's been in. Despite how awesome this sounds, its totally humorous and will probably give you a nice laugh or two (try playing "Go Fish", you'll see what I mean). Mario's voice is provided by Charles Martinet, the man who continues to do so even to this day. Bless him.

It's not the ultimate game, nor the longest or anything like that, but I had a blast playing it. Really fun and quite entertaining. Thanks, Mario.

The game was later re-released as the badly named Mario's FUNdamentals. Haven't tried it myself, but I've heard that it's technically the same game.

Bringing the popular Nintendo character to PC, Mario's Game Gallery lets you play against Mario in 5 popular parlor games: Checkers, Dominoes, Go Fish, Yacht, and Backgammon. Easy-to-read on-screen instructions, Mario's encouraging voices, and amusing animations throughout the game makes this one of the most underrated puzzle games for kids of all ages.

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