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Norow is a unique boardgame where you must occupy as much squares on the board as possible without having more then two squares in a row. The official rules: "...the game itself is very simple: you and the computer alternately drop chips on the board but you can't put more then two in a row and you can't put them next to each other. Before dropping a chip you have to move your cursor to the square you want to play. This makes it interesting because it isn't about just finding the free squares, it's about getting there before your opponent does. When the board is full it is wiped except for the squares that contained chips and the next round starts. Each dropped chipped counts as 1 point. The one that reaches 100 points wins the game.

Try it out on the easy level and you'll see that you can easily win. Try it on the hard level and you'll see it isn't all that easy. You'll have to come up with a strategy!"

Norow is fast, fun, and quite unique as far as board games go. True to the author's claim, the computer opponent plays a mean game on "Hard" level and above. If you enjoy chess-like games, Norow is well worth a try, even if it's not as sophisticated as chess.


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