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When I first loaded Pedro the Tank Game onto my computer, I thought that I was in

for yet another disappointing computer game. However, while the graphics and sound

were not exactly on par with Doom, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pedro

the Tank Game was an addictive little gem.

Pedro the Tank Game conjures up images on Combat from the Atari 2600 with

alien scenery akin to Missile Command. As I played the game, I realized that it was not

as simple as it had first appeared and that these tiny immobile tanks could do a lot more

than just fire minute missiles. There are many trick shots and strategies to use.

The one player games are fun, but they are not nearly as challenging as the two player

modes. When your opponent is on the opposite side of the screen and protected by

mounds of dirt, it is very difficult to float a perfectly aimed missile at him or her. This is

the exciting challenge that Pedro the Tank Game has to offer. Pedro makes you think

and then react. Thinking has been sucked out of so many video games that it is completely

refreshing to see a low-tech, low budget game like Pedro.

While the two-player battles are almost always going to be more exciting than solo play,

the single player modes are still worth taking a look at. The Cutie Shoot and Survival

modes are challenging, but the best one player game has to be Buckets O' Fun. This mode

in Pedro the Tank Game is the complete opposite of the two player mode. It is

completely mindless and totally fun. Trying to fill a bucket with "Cutie blood" and dirt is

not as easy as you might think. Fortunately, the action allows for a totally chaotic button-

mashing session. Shoot anything and everything to fill up that bucket! When the bucket is

filled, the percentage of blood and dirt is broken down and points are awarded. It is very


I guess the only real drawbacks to Pedro the Tank Game are its graphics and sound. It

is one of those games that does not look great, but it is a game that you will have a great

time playing. The price is right, too. The full version of Pedro the Tank Game is free if

you register at the Sammyspace Software site. Most giveaway games are garbage, but

Pedro the Tank Game is definitely worth the quick download.

Graphics: Very weak, but purposefully so

Sound: Also weak

Enjoyment: Excellent, addictive game play

Replay Value: Hours of fun

Scorch like game.


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