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Operation Combat II: By Land, Sea and Air is an isometric timed turn-based wargame strategy, similar to Perfect General or Modem Wars.

You choose one of six available battle terrains and face off against an opponent with only one objective - annihilate the enemy's headquarters. You can play against computer or human player (modem and null modem connection). One of the most interesting features is a time limit per turn. You are given only 240 seconds to finish your turn.

Game offers medium quality isometric 256-color VGA graphics, hybrid menu and point and click interface, variety of land, see and air support units, basic sound effects.

The one and only sequel to Merit's earlier Operation Combat, Operation Combat II is even lesser known than the original despite sporting improvements in all areas. As in the original, you choose one of six available battle terrains, then face off against an opponent (either computer- or human-controlled) with the simple objective of annihilating the enemy's headquarters.

Although the interface remains largely the same, Operation Combat II has many more options than its predecessor, including new types of attack ordinance, more emphasis on supply vehicles and air support, The gameplay remains largely intuitive, and the graphics has been upgraded to 256-color VGA. The innovative "timed turn-based" feature of the original game (i.e. there is a time limit per turn) is still around, as is the simple click-to-move-or-to-attack mouse-driven interface. The variety of landscapes and buildings has been increased, and new sound effects added to round off the improvements.

Even moreso than the original, Operation Combat II is a decent entry-level wargame whose best feature is the 2-player option (modem and null modem connection). It is not a bad game - it just pales in comparison to the play value of QQP's classic Perfect General series or Dani Bunten's good old Modem Wars.

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