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The game is an historical simulation of the European and North African theaters of World War II. The game allows up to two players to role-play as Army commanders for either the Axis or Allied forces. This game emphasizes the military aspects of the war and leaves diplomacy to the politicians.

If you want your strategy games to be as realistic as possible, then Operation Europe is your cup of tea. The game places you as a general in the second World War, working either for the Axis or the Allies. And in true KOEI spirit, you can choose to play one of many different scenarios.

The battles are the main focus of this game, so most of the game will take place on battlefields. To make the battles as lifelike as possible, you will be in charge of a complete war-force, including air-support, paratroopers, tanks, engineers, special forces, supply wagons and lots more. Using all your units to the best of their efforts is the key to success. Every unit is special and serves a purpose. Paratroopers, for instance, are perfect for sending deep behind enemy lines, and special forces are used to spy and sabotage the enemy. However, the most important units are the supply wagons. These units carry ammunition, fuel and food, something every unit needs. Always back up your frontlines with supplies, there is nothing worse than being sitting ducks on a battlefield without fuel and ammunition. After you capture a city, it will produce new supplies for you, so you should always pick up fresh supplies whenever you can.

Whenever you engage in a combat, a new window will appear. It can be difficult to tell the tiny pixelated units apart in the beginning, but you will soon get used to it. What is pretty unique is how the battles are executed. Every battle last for 10 turns, and in order to progess further on the map, you will need to either kill the enemy or drive him of the battlefield. Otherwise it is declared a Stalemate. Also the attacker gets the first 5 turns to himself (symbolizes the element of surprise), and should use these turns to destroy as much as possible.

And in case everything blows up in your face, you can always call HQ for reinforcements and new supplies. Milk HQ for all it's worth. You can never have too many troops and equipment.

The graphic and music is simply marvelous. This is a fantastic gem with no downsides.

The game supports multiplayer up to 2 players.

This is one of those strategies that requires a lot of patience and I had none. I never liked this type of war games but I know that there are many that just love them. So this one is for all of You strategy fanatics. Take control of either Axis or Allied forces in several scenarios and defeat Your opponent.

KOEI's first foray into the wargame arena is a worthy attempt, but ultimately unrewarding. The game engine which has proven effective for KOEI's strategy games is woefully inadequate to handle the nuances of World War II combat, where combined arms plays a key role. The undistinctive units, puzzling AI, and confusing interface only add insult to the injury. The only reason it's here is for the sake of completing the collection of old KOEI games, and for me to warn you about how bad it is.

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