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In 2045 terrorists conquer a island in the Pacific Ocean and declare it an independent state. Because the whole world is afraid of these terrorists they send a mercenary group named Panic Soldiers on the island to drive them away. The game is a real-time strategy game which emphasizes on the combat aspect without base building.

Before every mission the player chooses which combat robots and pilots he wants to use. They are distinguished in three attributes: defend power, attack power and accuracy. With every solved mission the used pilots get experience points and as a result increase their attributes. The robots don't earn experience but can be upgraded or replaced with money which is earned by completing objectives. These are mostly to kill all enemy soldiers and destroy their buildings but sometimes the player has to rescue soldiers.

The game uses standard real-time strategy controls: With the left mouse button the player gives his units move or attack orders.

Panic Soldier is an interesting squad-level RTS from Trigger Software, a short-lived German developer. The game is reminiscent of Z and Strike Squad in its emphasis on individual soldiers, but unfortunately comes out less than equals to either game.

It is not that Panic Soldier is completely devoid of any originality or fun. In fact, the first few levels are quite interesting, especially because you get to use money you collect during the mission to buy -- err, recruit -- new soldiers of different types and ranks (which determine their skill level). But the game is missing the character of soldiers in Z, the deadpan humor of Cannon Fodder, the intelligence of Seven Kingdoms, and the captivating plot of Battle Realms. Without any of these strengths, Panic Soldier ends up being just another run-of-the-mill RTS that really does not warrant much attention. So, as Freud might have said, Panic Soldier is close - but it is no cigar (and probably in this case a cigar is even less than a cigar ;)). An above-average game that is worth a look, but will not hold your attention for long.

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