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Realms is a medieval real-time strategy game located in a fictive kingdom where the player just has been named king. Your kingdom is threatened by the surrounding realms of different rulers and it is your task to defend yourself and expand your own kingdom in order to become ruler of all realms.

The game features 125,000 square miles of fractally-generated landscape, 128 armies with many thousand members each. You can order your armies into different battle formations and conquer countless towns with their inhabitants and its gold treasures

Realms is a strategy game by Graftgold Ltd. It does not contain much of a storyline, and the subtitle "just make sure it is yours" hints about it pretty clearly. Winning wars and glorious battles will be your primary and only goal.

The player takes command of one nation and needs to conquer all "realms". You must take care of several cities at your disposal. They are your centers of economy. As they are the only source of gold, they are often attacked, so inside them you'll need to recruit and train armies. Grain is needed as food, walls for stalling forces that lay siege and land as living space. All this stuff costs so you must constantly observe your treasury. People who are hungry, at bad health or under siege tend to rebel, and you don't need more enemies, do you?

The tactics on the battlefield are a very important aspect of Realms. There are tons of possiblities! Charge your cavalry in triangle formation, defend in phalanx line or outflank enemy troops in order to crush them from behind. Surrounding and attacking any given unit from many directions at once lowers it's morale and in consequence turns it into easy to slay meat.

The recruitment also plays key role in the path to victory. You are allowed to decide what equipment your armies will carry. Should they wear heavy armor, large shield and a hammer or maybe only helm with aid of longbow and sword? You decide (and pay of course). Unpaid warriors tend to desert.

Unfortunately game supports only adlib and roland sound cards. PC speaker's beeping makes totally no atmosphere. Graphics are looking fair enough, though they do not make much of an impression.

Realms put heavy influence on trained and well equiped armies. It is fun to create several strong legions. On the other hand AI in battles leaves much to be desired. While newbies may have a few problems winning a skirmish, experienced tacticians will slaughter enemy using smaller forces. Computer often makes really stupid errors like leaving units standing still while charging the rest at player troops.

All in all, this game offers much while in fighting mode and even the most demanding die hard tacticians will be pleased. Alas, bad AI and simplified economy can draw player away. It is worth recommending if you like great battles, but if you prefer emipire managing to tactics, you may be unsatisfied. Thus I rate it 3.

Nice done stratgey game. Mission: Conquer three settlements of the Orcs. You can achieve this by building armies, get money from your own cities and build defenses.

An early fantasy strategy game, the goal in Realms is by now a familiar fare: recruit armies of humans, orcs, and other creatures to conquer the known world. For its time however, the game features an innovative isometric view and rare real-time gameplay. The focus is on tactical combat, as you can choose different attack and formation orders, than on empire-building, so it'll appeal to warmongers than empire architects. In short, it's solid pioneer of real-time strategy genre that is at best an above-average game.

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